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Our Books

If you don't have time to research your family tree, then we can help.  We won't, however, just give you just a list of names and dates, but will write up all that can be found about your family as a book.  We don't run a business, so we don't charge a fee for our time, although you will need to fund all materials that are needed.  That can vary from £50 (for a single ancestral line) to £500 depending on how extended you would like the research to be and how you would like it presented.  


Whether it's one surname, one branch or a whole tree, it's worth asking us if we would be interested in doing the work.  As this is all done in our spare time, we can't, however,  promise to work to deadlines, although we will try.   Do get in touch and we will provide more details, particularly about the cost of  individual resources.  We have now completed 72 books, some of over 250 pages, and we're always keen to begin another.  

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Some of the many books we have completed, both short and long. 

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