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Over 40 Years of Family History Research

In the many years that we have been researching family histories, we have gathered a vast amount of information and have looked for ways to share this with other researchers.

Over that time, we have researched our own family tree both in England and Scotland  and by visiting the Genealogical  Library in Salt Lake City.  We have collected vast quantities of baptisms, marriages, burials, MIs and wills - far more than will ever relate to our family alone.

In recent times, we started to research trees for others and have written up their family stories. Much of the data collected from those 70 trees has been added to our websites.

This is, for us, a hobby, not a business.  We would love to research more families and help others with their "brick walls".  Research for free sounds too good to be true, but, provided you can afford the resources, that is what we will do and we can present that information in a variety of ways.   We also  welcome the opportunity to solve mysteries so do get in touch if you would just like another viewpoint on a problem you are trying to resolve. 


If you are doing your own research, then check out our county websites and see if there is anything of use to you.  What we have published there may, in itself, help you to find your ancestors, but, if not, then ask and we will try to fill in the missing facts for you. 

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