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Our Will  Collection

We have been collecting information from wills for many years.  Most are related to our own interests in the North of England and East Anglia and, obviously, contain the names on our family tree.  Some have been transcribed; others have just had names and relationships extracted.  Please be aware that the dates are the dates of probate, not of death; some wills were proven many years after the testator died.  

On the linked pages are all the wills we have read in the above areas.  If any are of interest, then we can provide details.  If you want to know if we have a full transcription, then please ask, or look at this webpage which lists all transcribed wills - there is a small charge for these documents but you can have the names etc. free of charge if you prefer.  On that webpage is  a searchable index of all those who are mentioned in the documents.  For reasons of copyright, we are not able to supply copies of original wills 

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